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My wife Loran bought me tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld who recently came to Minneapolis. The tickets were a birthday present, my birthday was in September, so I’ve been waiting a little while for this show! It was at the Orpheum theater in downtown mpls, surprisingly. I had never been to this theater. It was […]



Loran and I tried out a new church this past Sunday. An evangelical free church near our place. I grew up in an e-free church so we are both familiar with their doctrinal beliefs, rituals, views on communion, etc. One thing that I find interesting is how I view finding a church as if we’re […]

magic mouse


Patience prevails. I tried getting a magic mouse two different times since they came out 3 weeks ago. Most recently, I received a coupon from first tech that said save $10-$2500, so Loran and I decided to go out for apps after work last friday because first tech is next door. We got there and […]

Well, being the huge sports fan that I am, I just finished watching the final game of the ’09 world series. Wow, what an exciting thing to watch; seeing the best professionals in baseball coming together and playing their hardest (I guess I would do that for $28 million/season). But when the bleachers empty, the […]

new blog


Well, I have successfully transfered my old blog ( to wordpress. I chose the domain name to be because of the lyrics in the as cities burn song “wrong body”. I am excited to blog again, regardless of who reads my posts, I think it’s a healthy outlet for me and I also think […]