d.i.y. ikea bike rack


It finally happened. After several attempts – luckily, before we began making holes in walls – we finally found the perfect solution. Loran found the idea on a blog, and it was perfect. A quick trip to Ikea later and we had all of our Stolmen supplies and hardware. For this project we bought 2 tension poles, a pack of 4 clamps and 4 additional hooks – all from Ikea. It cost around $80, which is more than we originally wanted to spend on this project, but for the convenience of not dealing with putting holes in the wall, and trying to drill into a non-centered stud on the small wall that we had – it was well worth the money. We now have an aesthetically pleasing, functional bike rack that you can vacuum under. It’s perfect for our condo, since we barely have any additional storage.


2 Responses to “d.i.y. ikea bike rack”

  1. 1 Lauren

    Looks fantastic guys! Hope to see it in person soon. 🙂

  2. Nice one! I posted that a while back. It is tough trying to make a bike rack that doesn’t look ugly and keep holes out of the walls.

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