the world series


Well, being the huge sports fan that I am, I just finished watching the final game of the ’09 world series. Wow, what an exciting thing to watch; seeing the best professionals in baseball coming together and playing their hardest (I guess I would do that for $28 million/season). But when the bleachers empty, the news cameras turn off and things settle, then what? I would bet that the world series, super bowl and presidential elections are some of the most important events in America. In a way, this is a sad reflection of what this country is really passionate about, and most of all, that we find personal gratification and being entertained to be what we are all about – the purpose of our lives. But when I think about it in this way, I realize that even without the world series, I still live a life of self-gratification and entertainment… just on a smaller scale. Is this a waste? Is this a slap in the face to God? If so, where is the line drawn? Are we to never enjoy things like this? I don’t believe that the case – but, I do believe that our hearts are what really need to be examined. I absolutely hate sayings like “life is short” or “you only live once”. Partially because they are just another encouragement to live for self (usually). But, without sounding cliché, we only have one life, and regardless of our spiritual beliefs, I truly believe that we all are on this earth for a reason. And who am I to say that being a ball player on one of the most prestigious teams in the world isn’t someone’s purpose. I am not afraid that God will one day tell me “depart from me, for I never knew you” but I am more concerned that he will ask me “what did you do with the resources, relationships and free-will that I gave you?” I want to find the fine-line between having a purpose-driven life with compassion, and one that is simply performing good works and trying to be righteous. I really don’t think that the story of feeding the 5,000 or the scripture that tells us that faith the size of a miniscule mustard seed can move a mountain are coincidences. Not that I think any part of the Bible is a coincidence, but I believe that this is written because history repeats itself and God knows what we will naturally want to do. To whom much is given, much is expected. Man, I almost feel that this verse was written directly to Americans. We live in the richest country in the world – if you do or have ever owned a car, you are in the top 2% of the richest people in the world, not just America. I think that qualifies us as being blessed and given much. I believe that we as people have a responsibility to help others by sharing our resources, experiences/education and talents. And, we as the faith community have an even larger responsibility, that is to do all of these things with love. Let me clarify for my own good, we should do these things for the love of others, not for the love of ourselves. If I could glorify God with every resource or talent that I have, would it change things? I am going to think about this and write a follow-up post. I believe conviction can be one of the hardest but most beautiful things that we experience.

peace, kevin.

curently listening to: tides of man


which is worse to have?


a world series ring.


One Response to “the world series”

  1. Mark and I were just talking about this kind of thing last night. We went to an event at church called “The View From Here.” Basically, we got to see church from Bob’s perspective. We sat on the platform and watched a really sweet video that played out on the walls of the worship center at lino. Then he came up and talked about how ebc building two more campuses isn’t about us. it’s not about being bigger. it’s about the people that don’t yet know god. the ones that are waiting for a church like eagle brook, so they can find him and experience him in a new way. it’s about all the lives that will be touched, many of whom we don’t even know. it’s about all of us making a sacrifice that won’t even benefit “us” necessarily, but will drastically affect and change others lives…most of whom we don’t know or will never meet. that’s why we do what we do. he then challenged us to make a sacrifice. he told us that a sacrifice shouldn’t be comfortable. he said that we should figure out what is doable, and then take it to the next level. if you are COMFY with the amount, then it’s not a sacrifice. a sacrifice is all about being uncomfortable.

    mark and i were talking about this on the way home, and i was just thinking about how it’s SO EASY to live a life without God, in this country. in all reality, we don’t NEED him to get us through each day. we aren’t starving on some street corner. we have roofs over our heads, we have food to eat, we have jobs, incomes, toys…stuff. we don’t even know what it’s like to truly NEED and DEPEND on him just to survive each day.

    the idea of making a sacrifice has scared, yet excited me. i think i want to know what it actually feels like to hand something that i feel is rightfully mine (my money), over to God and say, “do what you will do with this, Lord.” i want to have to rely on faith, and his provision. i want him to take my tiny sacrifice, and turn it into something wonderful that changes lives and brings people closer to him.

    it’s not about us. like you said, when he asks me, “what did you do with the resources, relationships and free-will that i gave you?”…i want to be able to answer him knowing that i did what he asked me to. i want to have confidence in knowing that i gave freely, loved unconditionally and lived a life of purpose, and not regret.

    i’m excited to read your next post. i hope that God challenges you in ways you never thought he would 🙂

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