Loran and I tried out a new church this past Sunday. An evangelical free church near our place. I grew up in an e-free church so we are both familiar with their doctrinal beliefs, rituals, views on communion, etc. One thing that I find interesting is how I view finding a church as if we’re shopping for a new car. Instead of wanting a sunroof, leather seats or an i-phone compatible stereo – I want a church that has lot’s of people our age, a small congregation, exceptional teaching and pitch-perfect, passion-driven music. This can’t be right?  I have a list of demands, so any church we go to I immediately go through my checklist… I need to make sure that all of my needs are being met, right? Well, I don’t necessarily think that, but in a way, that is the attitude that my actions reflect. I know, first and foremost, that I need to lead my family by praying and asking God to help us set aside our barriers, and let our hearts be open, with no expectations, in finding a church that we can feel more apart of. God can be glorified at just about any church, regardless of size, music, or who the pastor is – that is what we need to keep in mind, that church is not just about our personal experience and how well we are being entertained to our hearts’ content, but rather it’s about continually becoming closer to God, and God can draw us near in any situation, church, building, etc. God, lead us to a church where our personalities, talents and gifts can be used to draw not only us, but others closer to you, continually. The sermon that we listened to at this new church was about doing things continually. There are many references, from Leviticus to 1 Thessalonians and everywhere in between that stresses the fact that our prayers, dependence on God, faith, and sacrifices be continual… for that is when God says that he will be present with us, when we do these things continually.

peace, kevin.


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