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Well, this was definitely my least anticipated of all of the Citizen’s Six-Pack beers, but it was surprisingly tasty. Ok, so a golden lager is not your first choice of brew after MN’s first 7-9″ snow fall, but it did the job. There’s not much info out there about this beer, but you can read […]

There’s something about drinking seasonal brews that make me feel exclusive. Part of that is the fact that they actually are exclusive, the other is that it shows that craft beers are living, breathing things, that age and  have a moment-in-time. Now, I’ve never been one to be able to tell the difference between this […]

Maybe I should start by explaining why I’ve been reviewing so many beers as of late. I became a member of the Uptown Beer Guild and was one, in a group of people, picked to receive a Citizens Six-Pack, which is a mixed six-pack chosen by Lake wine & Spirits, a somewhat new liquor store […]