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Right now I’m listening to City and Colour on shuffle, the current song playing is “Hello, I’m in Delware” – feel free to listen to it while you read. Tonight, I went to the Anberlin show at first ave with my sister’s fiance, and my future brother-in-law Joe. I haven’t been listening to Anberlin for […]

I just got Now, Now Every Children’s new album “Cars” from my friend Kyle that I work with. This album is so refreshing! Let me know if you want it, and I’ll send it your direction, otherwise you should definitely check them out. They are a duo from Minneapolis, and yes, I want to see […]

It is officially 2009, I can’t believe it! When I think back, I can’t even fathom that it was 2002 when I graduated high school, or that the whole Y2K fiasco was almost a decade ago. The whole concept that time can feel like it’s going faster or slower, is bizarre. It’s an absolute thing […]