magic mouse



Patience prevails. I tried getting a magic mouse two different times since they came out 3 weeks ago. Most recently, I received a coupon from first tech that said save $10-$2500, so Loran and I decided to go out for apps after work last friday because first tech is next door. We got there and they told me they didn’t have any, no one does, not even the apple stores! They said they wouldn’t be getting any until mid-november. (I pick up my jaw here) Seriously! Well, I did have what turned out to be a $10 coupon, so I figured it’s worth saving $10 bucks, right? No joke, as I was talking with the woman when one of her coworkers called ridgedale mall in minnetonka and they said they just received some in. Oh boy, what now. Nerdy impatience vs. my wife’s stare as she sees my eyes triple in size from excitement. Just wait she tells me, a little patience will be good for you. Pffff… yeah, ok. whatever the hell that means. She has no idea what this little beautiful piece of technology is capable of. So, we decide to have patience and wait to save $10, but I was not happy about it. Today at work I got a call from first tech, whose number I do have saved in my phone. “Hello” I said, hoping that they had good news for me. I was told that my magic mouse had come in sooner than expected and that I could pick it up. Loran and I carpooled tonight, so after a quick stop at home, I headed to first tech and picked up my prize. Hopefully when you read this post you sense a feeling of intelligence, knowing that I used my new magic mouse to navigate the pages of my blog. If you are thinking about getting one of these, please do! If you haven’t played with one yet, come on over! After you sign the waver, put down a slight deposit and let me hold your i.d., you’re more than welcome to try it 🙂 I can’t wait to look back at this post in 2020 and remember the pure joy that I am feeling right now. I don’t care if I’m a big geeky nerd, apple rules!




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  1. 1 bmwiitala

    I rejoice with you!

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