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I recently went on a trip to Norway and the local breweries there specialize in two types of beer: lagers and pilsners. So, with the light, crisp flavor of those beers still in my temporary memory – I can definitely say that this beer brought me back to the motherland. Although this is a Spanish […]

The current temperature is 65˚, cloudy and drizzling. As we near the end of October, it’s important to take a few moments to enjoy Minnesota’s fall season before, do I dare say… the snow comes! There’s no better way to embrace a beautiful fall day than by enjoying a nice dark beer – Deschutes Brewery’s […]

Bell’s is easily becoming one of my favorite breweries. After spending the first part of my day-off driving around taking pictures of hanging ice on buildings, I stopped to get a nice specialty beer to pour into my brand new tulip glasses that my wife got me for vday. I was a bit cold, so […]