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Last Sunday, at the Covenant Church we are a part of, the sermon was on the parable of the good samaritan. A story many people have heard, probably dozens of times if you grew up in a christian community, etc. What I loved about hearing it this time around was how our pastor presented it […]

This is a post I just read on Donal Miller’s blog about living out truth, following Jesus and showing grace to each other. I couldn’t agree with his opinion more. Sweeping issues that people (& people of the church) deal with under the rug is not how we should be handling it. We should help […]



We finally purchased our first french press, also known as a press pot or a coffee plunger. The only times I’ve had french press coffee has been with my friend Brett at a coffee shop here in Mpls called Spyhouse – many coffee shops don’t seem to serve french press… so thanks to Brett for […]

In my opinion, America is an empire. Within the last, let’s say, 3 months, I have had countless encounters where God has brought random things to my attention in a somewhat orderly fashion. Things that I might not have ever brought together on my own. Sometimes, it can be extremely hard to explain to another […]

I just read this article on mpr’s website about atheists celebrating Christmas without religion and their feelings and opinions towards believers. The article seems a bit quickly written, but you can still pick-up on the tone of several of the people interviewed and how they not only feel discriminated against and offended by the religious, […]

Right now I’m listening to City and Colour on shuffle, the current song playing is “Hello, I’m in Delware” – feel free to listen to it while you read. Tonight, I went to the Anberlin show at first ave with my sister’s fiance, and my future brother-in-law Joe. I haven’t been listening to Anberlin for […]