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Last Sunday, at the Covenant Church we are a part of, the sermon was on the parable of the good samaritan. A story many people have heard, probably dozens of times if you grew up in a christian community, etc. What I loved about hearing it this time around was how our pastor presented it […]



We finally purchased our first french press, also known as a press pot or a coffee plunger. The only times I’ve had french press coffee has been with my friend Brett at a coffee shop here in Mpls called Spyhouse – many coffee shops don’t seem to serve french press… so thanks to Brett for […]

In my opinion, America is an empire. Within the last, let’s say, 3 months, I have had countless encounters where God has brought random things to my attention in a somewhat orderly fashion. Things that I might not have ever brought together on my own. Sometimes, it can be extremely hard to explain to another […]

This might be my last post about Samir Selmanovic’s book, It’s Really All About God, because I just finished reading it last night. I definitely want to read it again, but I have many other books that I’d like to read before I start repeating. The book satisfyingly ends with chapter 9,  When My God […]

James 1:22 says, “Be doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves.” I just read this article on the God’s politics blog discussing immigration, reminding us that to love God is to love our immigrant neighbors. The definition of hypocrisy is; the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to […]

I just read this article on mpr’s website about atheists celebrating Christmas without religion and their feelings and opinions towards believers. The article seems a bit quickly written, but you can still pick-up on the tone of several of the people interviewed and how they not only feel discriminated against and offended by the religious, […]



The first God I remember was a Santa Claus God, who you only turn to around Christmas time, who you tried to butter up, and you got mad at if you didn’t get what you wanted. That didn’t make sense. I knew if there was a God, he could see through us, like we were […]