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A somewhat new find for me, I’ve only listened to akissforjersey for a few months, maybe 6 months. Just as I was really getting into them, I became aware that they had broken-up in May. Well, they recently posted on their myspace blog that they are back and will be recording a new album!!! With […]

I know that this is technically tabu, since ’09 is gone and we have walked into a new decade, but I have to. Not only do I want to share with others my favorite albums from the last year, but I also think it will be really interesting to look back at this post, in […]

Condemned, My regret is not writing more for you, Lord. As this ocean comes to be deeper our vessel becomes less stable, Look to the sky. Encourage the elements of God, Rather than the jars that contain them. If only the ingredients of man were of such elements. If only. With great horror, I admit […]