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This is an interview with Brother Ali about his music, life and spirituality. It’s worth a listen! Brother Ali’s quest for fellowship through hip hop | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ. Advertisements

A somewhat new find for me, I’ve only listened to akissforjersey for a few months, maybe 6 months. Just as I was really getting into them, I became aware that they had broken-up in May. Well, they recently posted on their myspace blog that they are back and will be recording a new album!!! With […]

I finally picked-up the new Doomtree album, False Hopes XV. I read something where they called it a mini-album because it’s only has 8 tracks, 2 of them instrumentals. I’m not quite sure what the difference is between a mini-album and an EP, but on they just call it an album. The day after […]

I know that this is technically tabu, since ’09 is gone and we have walked into a new decade, but I have to. Not only do I want to share with others my favorite albums from the last year, but I also think it will be really interesting to look back at this post, in […]

This Saturday at First Ave in Minneapolis, Doomtree is performing and releasing their 3rd collaborative album, False Hopes XV. I can’t wait for this show, it’s a blessing to a have such a unique group embodying the truth of real hip hop. I will write a follow-up to this post after the show but I […]



Again, I’m writing this blog with no title, when I’m finished I will make one. I’m sitting on our patio enjoying a beautiful God-given evening. I’m listening to Brother Ali right now and I’m quickly discovering that although he believes in Islam, his music is some of the most spiritually encouraging music to me – […]



We have been staying busy lately, between weird house parties, shows, friends, disc golf, bike rides and the other thing, oh yeah – work! I have posted in a while, I’m not sure what to write about or title this post, so I will just give it a title when I’m done. Well, the weekend […]