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Five Principles of Civil Dialogue. Advertisements

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I had Presidents Day off so I decided to get back to my roots and go and take some pictures. I filled my thermos with some guatemalan dark roast peace coffee, doubled-up on my regular hoody and headed out the door with tripod, camera and coffee in hand. All winter I’ve been noticing these massive […]

In my opinion, America is an empire. Within the last, let’s say, 3 months, I have had countless encounters where God has brought random things to my attention in a somewhat orderly fashion. Things that I might not have ever brought together on my own. Sometimes, it can be extremely hard to explain to another […]

James 1:22 says, “Be doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves.” I just read this article on the God’s politics blog discussing immigration, reminding us that to love God is to love our immigrant neighbors. The definition of hypocrisy is; the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to […]

I just read this article on mpr’s website about atheists celebrating Christmas without religion and their feelings and opinions towards believers. The article seems a bit quickly written, but you can still pick-up on the tone of several of the people interviewed and how they not only feel discriminated against and offended by the religious, […]

I’m currently reading Samir Selmanovic’s “It’s Really All About God: Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian.” This book is the finger that points right in your face! And the second that you start to tell yourself that he’s not talking to you, or that your situation is different, the very next sentence will literally speak […]

My wife Loran bought me tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld who recently came to Minneapolis. The tickets were a birthday present, my birthday was in September, so I’ve been waiting a little while for this show! It was at the Orpheum theater in downtown mpls, surprisingly. I had never been to this theater. It was […]