rogue santa’s private reserve


After the type of week that makes you feel like your tank is on E, I’m excited to finally fully enjoy one of these Rogue ales. Today it’s Santa’s Private Reserve Red Ale. Pouring this healthy looking, amber/red colored ale, I’m excited that it’s a 22 oz. bottle that needs to be finished.

With a healthy head, this 6% ABV and 65 IBU ale has a bitter bite of hops that strangles your tongue until you swallow. Roasted malts, spices and a hint of crisp citrus – I don’t really know what to compare this ale to. But I like it!

I thought that it would be a little – excuse my language – ballsier, but it’s still good. I just wish it was a 9% ABV big boy, I think the flavors and richness of the beer would be better complicated with a higher alcohol content.

Upon refilling my glass, I come to the conclusion that this is an earthy tasting beer. It doesn’t seem to be an over-perfected recipe, but slightly raw. This is a filling ale, so I don’t think I could drink a ton, but I would love to try it again, preferably paired with a medium-cooked filet mignon!

If you like earthy beers – specifically ales – go for this one. Rogue seems to take their craft extremely seriously, and I really respect that. Not to mention, their bottles are the coolest.


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