odell brewing co. isolation ale


There’s something about drinking seasonal brews that make me feel exclusive. Part of that is the fact that they actually are exclusive, the other is that it shows that craft beers are living, breathing things, that age and  have a moment-in-time. Now, I’ve never been one to be able to tell the difference between this years _____ (insert beer name here) and last years, but I would one day like to be able to!

I’ve had beers by Odell Brewing Co. before, and I must say I’m a fan. My favorite of theirs, is their IPA – big surprise! This is definitely a full bodied ale, perfect for us northern folk. It’s seriously a mouthful. It’s not crazy strong, at 6.1% ABV, but it definitely is a contender. I wouldn’t say Isolation Ale is necessarily sessionable because it’s filling, but I could definitely have a few, especially since it gets dark at like 5:30pm now, and you know the cold & nasty is right around the corner.

I can definitely taste malts galore with this ale, proving that seasonal ales have an established quality. I would for sure recommend this one to anyone I know and I will soon be heading to Lake Wine and Spirits for a six-pack! I guess winter won’t be that bad if I have access to Odell Brewing Co.’s Isolation Ale! I also have to mention that I highly consider listening to Dooomtree’s own, Paper Tiger’s Made Like Us album when enjoying your next brew!


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