estrella damm lager


I recently went on a trip to Norway and the local breweries there specialize in two types of beer: lagers and pilsners. So, with the light, crisp flavor of those beers still in my temporary memory – I can definitely say that this beer brought me back to the motherland.

Although this is a Spanish beer, I don’t think pilsners have the flexibility or versatility of ales – so it’s no surprise that they all taste fairly similar to me. Crisp and bubbly, pouring this clear, pale beer, all I can think is that it looks and smells like any other pilsner I’ve tried. It had a head that I wouldn’t even call foamy, it just about disappeared before I could snap my picture. I don’t even know how to describe this, there’s not much flavor and at 5.2%/5.5% ABV, it’s not a very strong beer. I guess I view it as Stella Artois’ little brother because it’s similar, but less skunky, which is the main reason I enjoy  Stella.

I seem to be finding myself between a rock and a hard place with this one, because it was my first beer of the night after getting home from work – I seemed to have “downed” it fairly quickly. It was refreshing, I’ll give it that. Maybe if it wasn’t my first beer of the evening I would have drank it slower, but I’m pretty sure having an IPA before tasting this beer would have demolished my taste buds enough for the evening to make this lightweight even more flavorless. (After re-reading this, I realize that this “first beer” talk may sound like I have a drinking problem, but I can assure you, I do not!)

I probably wouldn’t ever get this again in a typical circumstance. Maybe that’s because my appreciation for this style of beer is not quite there yet? Either way, I think I’m going to have to give this beer two ratings. One for how I think it compares to the european lagers I’ve recently had, and two, how I rate it in my personal opinion on the overall beer spectrum. All this to say, I think I’d rather just stick with Stella Artois when I’m in the mood for a light one.

(8/10) in comparison to other light lagers/pilsners

(5/10) overall

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