deschutes brewery black butte porter


The current temperature is 65˚, cloudy and drizzling. As we near the end of October, it’s important to take a few moments to enjoy Minnesota’s fall season before, do I dare say… the snow comes! There’s no better way to embrace a beautiful fall day than by enjoying a nice dark beer – Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter to be exact.

Busting out the tulip glasses, I pour out a thick, black river of delight. I notice Fragrances of chocolate and roasted malts right away and a healthy head that lingers. I have had a hand-full of porters before, but I think I’ve only ever bought a six pack of porter once – needless to say, they’ve never been my favorite. I think it’s because when I’m in the mood for a thick, dark beer I usually go right to the stouts. As my enjoyment and knowledge of beers develops, so does my appreciation and desire for more unique flavors. You can only have so many ales, right? (Well, maybe not.) Porters in general bring that smokey-esque, dry, roasted flavor, and Deschutes’ porter is no exception.

This beer has a dry factor to it, though it also has a slight smoothness. Definitely more carbonation than your typical stout too. At 5.2% ABV and 32 IBUs, I wonder the potential this porter could have with a higher ABV? It’s definitely drinkable, but dark beers, such as this, usually make me feel full much faster, so I’m fine with only having one.

If you enjoy coffee, tobaccos, chocolates and flavors of those types – which I do – I think you’ll really enjoy the Black Butte Porter. It’s a very balanced beer. None of the flavors overpower your palette, but a roasted aftertaste will hang around. So grab a book, put on some music, be sure to pour this one in a glass and enjoy Deschute’s tasty Black Butte Porter!


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