steelhead double IPA


Nothing excites me more than an IPA – except for a double IPA (DIPA)! Mad River Brewing Co.’s Steelhead Double India Pale Ale is a beautifully smelling, slightly-creamy ale that has hops coming out of its ears (not to mention the sediment twisting about in the bottle). As always, I took a sniff after popping the top, experiencing a heavy hops presence with a citrus twist. This is another large beer coming in at 8.6% ABV.

As I pour this DIPA into a glass, I first notice its cloudy substance and its orange hue. I also noticed the head to be on the smaller side after emptying the contents of the bottle. At first sip, I am greeted by a medium-to-near full body with a balanced flavor of extreme hops and malt. It’s hard to ignore its sweetness, but if you’re a fan of IPA’s at all, you’ll be used to it. Caramel and pepper flavors also join the party!

With a great finish, the bitterness stays with you to the end. If you enjoy hoppy beers (aka self-proclaimed Hop Heads) then you will not be disappointed with Steelhead DIPA. It’s a full-flavored – teetering on heavy – beer that definitely brings a lot to the table. I can’t believe how many quality breweries are out there that I’ve never heard of. In the same regard, I can’t believe how many of these brewery’s websites and design work do not represent the same quality of what they are brewing. Step it up, guys!

This beer is definitely worth trying. I can’t wait to taste more from Mad River Brewing Co.


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