bell’s special double cream stout


Bell’s is easily becoming one of my favorite breweries. After spending the first part of my day-off driving around taking pictures of hanging ice on buildings, I stopped to get a nice specialty beer to pour into my brand new tulip glasses that my wife got me for vday. I was a bit cold, so I thought that a nice creamy stout would be just the thing to warm me up! Made-up of 10 different malts, this is a very dark, creamy and complex stout. With a thick, yet soft texture, I would compare its consistency to a slightly watered-down chocolate milk. The smell alone fuses coffee, chocolate and tobacco aromas. Bell’s only brews this beer from November till March, so it’s definitely meant to be a winter beer. Coming in at 6.1% ABV, this is a very drinkable stout, but still filling. I close my eyes after each sip, trying to distinguish the different flavors on my palette – I taste dark coffee, roasted malts, cream, some sort of earthy spice and hint of tobacco smoke. This stout was a real treat, I definitely recommend it!

rating: (8.5/10)


2 Responses to “bell’s special double cream stout”

  1. 1 jackie

    that sounds delightful! i would like to try it some time. i just had bell’s hop slam for the first time last week. it was like a grapefruit explosion in my mouth. i thought it was pretty good!

    hope you kinley’s are doing well.

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