bell’s hopslam ale


I’ve never heard/read so much hype about a beer as Bell’s Hopslam. The main reason for the hype is that this is a limited release beer, this year it is only available from January 7 through February – very limited, mostly only in the midwest, with a few exceptions. My first experience trying this beer was at a local pub last week, I was shocked that they had it so I had to order one. I liked it so much that I decided to get a 6 pack for home. $18 and a few calls around town later, I emerged victorious. One of the most unique things about this ale is that it’s brewed with honey. Now, I don’t have any experience brewing beer, so technically I don’t know how to explain the process/ benefits/challenges of brewing with honey, aside from flavor! My winter hobby is going to be home brewing, so stay posted about that experience! Another quality that this beer has, rather doesn’t have, is preservatives. Which means that it must be kept refrigerated for quality. I don’t know if I’m quite privileged or experienced enough to call myself a hophead, but I do know that I love hoppy beers! I’m very familiar with Bell’s popular, very hoppy Two Hearted Ale, along with some others. Hopslam stands true to it’s name, that’s for sure. Golden in color and vibrant in scent, this ale means business. Technically, this beer is a Double IPA, also called an Imperial IPA, but the packaging just refers to it as an ale. My understanding of the difference between a regular IPA (India Pale Ale) and a Double IPA is, that it’s basically an IPA on steroids. After first sip, the bitterness holds on to your taste buds and doesn’t let go, giving this beer – in my experience – one of the strongest aftertastes. Now, we get to the brawn of this beer, it’s staggering 10% ABV and over 100 IBU’s! If you don’t appreciate bitter, hop-filled ales, then I would not recommend this. If you do appreciate that bitter, tongue-biting, almost pine-needle-like taste, than dive in. But move fast because word is that bars are selling-out and I don’t see shops having stock on the shelves for too much longer.

rating: (9/10)


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  1. 1 jake ladd

    Nice head!

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