when my God becomes our God


This might be my last post about Samir Selmanovic’s book, It’s Really All About God, because I just finished reading it last night. I definitely want to read it again, but I have many other books that I’d like to read before I start repeating.

The book satisfyingly ends with chapter 9,  When My God Becomes Our God. Basically, it discusses how we do not own, nor can we control God. The mere thought of thinking that God is only present in our own religion, or only one religion, is devaluing and denying God of being who God is. We are basically telling God that he can be contained – and because we think our way is correct – that he is only present and attainable through ____________ (insert religion here).

Now, this subject can get pretty harry, pretty quickly. Selmanovic is not saying that all religions are the way. But, if we believe God to be the abstract, Holy and Glorious God that we say he is, how can we then say that he is not present in the lives and religions of our brothers and sisters? God is within me, and God is within you. Regardless of race, religion, sex, economic status, social status, etc

The idea of finding value in other religions is something that I began pondering a lot in college. God, to me, is present in other religions and he uses them to bring me closer to Him. I know many people have the concern that if you start dabbling in other religions, you may lose your way and turn your back on your current faith. To me, those people don’t have faith. For true faith is believing in, and trusting in God in all situations. I trust that God will continue to safely lead me by being the light to my path.

These-types of thoughts that I’ve had over the last few years have been kind of random, causing me to be cautious that I am not simply making-up my own arbitrary philosophy/theology along the way. This book has taken all of my randomness and given it organization and purpose, backed by confidence! I feel like God has used this book to give me direction and peace about these feelings and ideas that I’ve had for so long.

The whole time I was reading this chapter, I couldn’t stop thinking about Brother Ali’s song “Us”. Although we believe in different religions,  he still reflects God’s love and truth in this song, which makes me more conscious and brings me closer to God. Thank you Brother Ali. God bless you.

“… Cause can’t nobody be free unless we’re all free,
there’s no me and no you, its just Us”


2 Responses to “when my God becomes our God”

  1. 1 internet elias

    BEAUTIFUL POST. It’s an insult to God to assume we can understand Him within our simple temporal minds. We can only KNOW those things He wishes us to know…by way of spiritual discernment. After all…who better to explain what He meant by what He said….than Him. So much confusion. So much tradition. So much religion. But little letting God be God. If we, the so-called sheep…had been following the Shepherd….the world would be a vastly different place.

    Again…beautiful post.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Let God be God is such a radical statement!

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