this is why Doomtree is the best


I finally picked-up the new Doomtree album, False Hopes XV. I read something where they called it a mini-album because it’s only has 8 tracks, 2 of them instrumentals. I’m not quite sure what the difference is between a mini-album and an EP, but on they just call it an album. The day after I picked it up at the local Cheapo, I saw Doom members Sims and Paper Tiger at Leaning Tower restaurant. I would love Doomtree no matter what city they were from, their sound and skills are incomparable. The fact that they are from Mpls and I’ve ran into them at local spots, just makes the whole fan/follower/supporter experience more intimate – more tangible. I don’t know how else to explain it.

Cecil Otter has the outstanding track on the album, poetically named Rickety Bridge. I can’t stop listening to it. Take a listen and step into the Doom!

Listen: Doomtree – Rickety Bridge


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