unchained series batch 02: 90/- scottish style ale


One thing that I’d like to start doing is write about new beers that I try and my opinions of them – however, unintelligent or basic they might be. This summer Summit came out with the first beer of their unchained series, called Kolsch, which is a german style lager that I haven’t yet tried, but would still like to. I have however, recently tried the 2nd release of this series which is a scottish style ale – I had it on tap at Brits last weekend when we met my sister and brother-in-law for lunch. It was great, so tonight when I stopped at the local liquor store for some cheap wine, I decided to get a six-pack and have this be the first beer that I write about. Aside from being called batch 02, this beer is actually called 90/- scottish style ale brewed with heather. 90/- stands for 90 schillings, which is based off an old practice of taxing beers based on their strength I read on Summit’s website. Usually when I read descriptions of beers and their accommodating flavors, I can understand and agree with 50-75% of the description, but there’s almost always a floral, herb or other flavor that I can’t taste and I’m usually overwhelmed by reading these descriptions. The same is true with the description I read about this beer. It is a dark ale, mahogany in color. When I drink it I can taste slight caramels, but more-so I taste a roasted flavor, almost ashy – which probably doesn’t sound appetizing, but is very good! It is also described as medium-carbonated, which I agree with. I believe that the Heather hops are what gives this beer the scottish label. All I know is that the last sip I just had, made me feel like I should be able to grow a red beard and that I should be wearing a kilt – and yes, that is my stereotype of scottish men. Being a graphic designer, I must say that one of my favorite things about this beer and this series is the labeling and packaging. The packaging alone makes me thirsty! Coming in at 7.0% ABV, this is a stronger beer, with 25 IBUs. In closing, if you are looking for a dark ale, similar in thickness and texture to a newcastle, that will warm you up this winter – this is it!

rating: (8.5/10)


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