We have been staying busy lately, between weird house parties, shows, friends, disc golf, bike rides and the other thing, oh yeah – work! I have posted in a while, I’m not sure what to write about or title this post, so I will just give it a title when I’m done. Well, the weekend before last I went to “Portugal. The Man” at the 7th St. entry with Kyle and his friends. The show was cheap and that venue is pretty small and intimate, the band sounded really good as well. The work week was really busy for me so it went fast. We usually play in our volleyball league on Thursdays, but Halloween, Alaska was performing for free at the electric fetus and Summit was giving away free beers. We decided at the last minute to go to the show, and I’m really glad that we did because it was well worth it, and we got to hang out with Brett. I told Loran today that I am starting to believe that one of the main purposes of life is to meet and interact with people. The more I ponder it the more I realize experiences in my personal life that intensify this feeling. One night after disc golf league Jake and I were at Tracy’s hanging out, and he said something that stuck with me. I was talking to him about my patience and about frustrations with people, events in my life, etc. He asked me if I think that God ever puts these things in my life to help me develop patience and compassion. Well, I’ve been thinking about that after every interaction I have with someone, or every situation that I find myself in. I have began to learn a lot, like that I actually do choose how I act and react to people and things, and that God is using these experiences to bring me back to being the man that he created me to be [in His image]. This weekend has been really busy, we’ve been hanging out with the Ladd’s and have been outside a lot. I’m going to finish this here, but it’s great to realize the foundational “blocks” of your faith, and although I don’t know all of them, I do feel that I’ve discovered one of them, and that is relationships and people, on all levels.

(I’m listening to Emery’s new album, In Shallow Seas We Sail)

Portugal. The Man at 7th St. entry.

Halloween, Alaska at the Electric Fetus.


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  1. 1 Jackie

    hey kev.
    i think jake is right. and i think that once we come to this realization, and start looking at our life situations through a new lense, we are able to react in a whole new way. i think about my work, and the struggle i have had with my boss. i know i've told you bits and pieces, but that being said, i 100 percent believe that God has put me there to learn how to love people that i don't 'click' with and to get over things that 'bother' me. i think about another coworker there, how when she started, i couldn't wait until the day she got canned. super annoying. i hated coming to work. then i came to the point where i realized, i HAVE to deal with this. running away from situations and people that i'm not especially fond of isn't going to teach me how to love this person, or how to better myself and work on my own heart and attitude. it just gives me an 'out' and my natural reaction is to default to that whenever i can. i knew in this situation it was different though. i was going to have to work with her monday-friday, and if i didn't 'learn to love her', every day was going to be terrible. it took a while, but we developed a really close friendship. and sure, there are quirks and annoyances that still come up, but i've learned to look past them, and look at her for who she is, and see her heart. that has made the difference.

    she just told me last week that she got a new job and will be leaving. and though i never thought i would get to this point, i actually was pretty bummed out. really happy for her and her new opportunity…but bummed that i wouldn't get to see her/work with her anymore.

    so anyway. just wanted to say that i've been there, and AM there most days. and i do believe that God puts us into situations to teach us to be more like him. if we were never challenged, and everything was easy, and we got along with everyone, and all was happy and right in our lives, we wouldn't be learning anything, and we wouldn't need grace, or a need to extend it.

    happy sunday.

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