why does this make me feel so good?


Right now I’m listening to City and Colour on shuffle, the current song playing is “Hello, I’m in Delware” – feel free to listen to it while you read. Tonight, I went to the Anberlin show at first ave with my sister’s fiance, and my future brother-in-law Joe. I haven’t been listening to Anberlin for to long, maybe two months at most. There were three opening bands at the show, Between the Trees was pretty good (http://www.myspace.com/betweenthetrees) but the other two were not anything special in my opinion, Camera Can’t Lie and Madina Lake (terrible). I wish I knew Anberlin’s music a bit better because shows are soo much more than simply just entertainment when I am familiar with the music, lyrics, artists, etc. I know, what a monumental thought, you enjoy a show better when you know the songs. Anyway, Anberlin was really good – I could sense their heart and passion, just in watching them, it almost seemed contagious. It was also a great opportunity to get closer with Joe and enjoy a new castle after a long day at work. It’s really interesting to talk about a person, in this instance my sister, when you are able to hear someone else’s opinion of that person, which is totally different than your own opinion (that sounds like a negative thing, but it’s not.) It helps you to realize that even us, as people, have different ‘value’ and purpose in life depending on who we are closest with. I’m really thankful that my sister has met a man like Joe and that she has decided to let him marry her. (that’s my attempt at joking about being a protective brother) Believe it or not, this was the first show that I’ve ever gone to at first ave. Joe and I enjoyed the show from the 21+ balcony, after the show on our way out we made a stop in the men’s room. As I was urinating in the troff, I looked up and saw the following (see image) written on the checkered wall tiles, right in front of my face. Jesus Hates Christians! My instant reaction was joy, pleasure and a sense of belonging. I took a picture of the writing and proceeded to exit the venue. The whole time I was walking down the stairs and through the streets of downtown Mpls to were my car was parked, I was thinking about this “message.” I was talking with Joe, but at 3/4 capacity because I couldn’t shake this message from my little mind. I got home and instantly, and proudly showed my wife the picture I took – “Isn’t this awsome?” I asked. She than instantly made the connection to Rob Bell’s book that I’m currently reading, Jesus Wants To Save Christians. And then it began, the realization of this weird, opposing parallel of this graffiti message and the title/purpose of the book I’m reading, which my friend Jake lent me. (thanks buddy) Then my brain got caught on the word hate. And then I focused on the word save. Because the title of the book and the message are the same accept for these two, four letter words. HATE vs. SAVE – Hmmm… Hate and Save, I’ve been here before. This is basically the story of my life, the constant struggle of aversive and sanctified feelings. These two words are polar opposites, like good and evil, God and the absence of God, light and darkness, and so one. In this one stage/ portion of my life, I have personally been shown, by powers beyond my own, the greatest truths known. And how coincidental, this is all happening at the exact time that I have been seeking truth for my heart and soul. I would love to hear what your initial reaction is when seeing this photo. I could also talk about this for hours, and probably do what I’ve been told my whole life that I do, which is talk circles around the subject or as some like to put it, beat a dead horse. (yes, I’m talking about you Loran) Whatever the meaning of this bathroom message or Rob Bell’s book, I just want to take this time to thank my God for having someone write that message on the bathroom at first ave. I believe that everything is truth, good or bad – because what might be bad to a club-owner may be good to random patron, but it’s still truth, regardless of who you are. Maybe I’ll post another blog discussing this and hopefully dig deeper into the terms HATE and SAVE.


2 Responses to “why does this make me feel so good?”

  1. 1 Jake Ladd

    P.P.P.S. I have a sermon by Rob Bell entitled Between the trees. I have a good feeling thats were that band got the idea for there name. I actually worked with a guy at Youthworks who had two trees tattooed on his arms, he got it after hearing that sermon. Crazy! P.P.P.P.S I love you Kevin!

  2. 2 zach and/or hope

    my initial reaction is that the smiley face either has a lazy eye off to the right, or is winking. I’d say the message confuses me. The phrase itself is nonsense and contradictory, but the fact that it was written is more intriguing to me because it makes me think about the type of person that would write it and the type of culture that would either be pleased with, or disgusted by, reading it. I agree, there is something that feels good about seeing that someone wrote that. But to me, it’s more of a feeling of releif that someone troubled by God’s character and even more troubled by the character of current day Christians, has the honesty to express their doubt and frustration. Like I said, the phrase itself contains no truth and is pointless, but the fact that Christians aren’t perfect and very often seem to do more harm to others, supposedly representing Christ, has some truth to it. I also think there is some truth in a person expressing their doubt and frustration toward God and His ways. Our bathroom artist took a very blunt approach to falsely questioning one of God’s attributes: love. But we, along with other key biblical figures, are not alone in our habits of verbally lashing out at God when we are struggling and pissed off at Him. One thing is for sure, I’d rather see a confused person writing “God hates” rather than seeing that person write “God does not exist” or never evening mentioning God’s name. We all make misjudgments about God’s character, in an attempt to justify and understand our conditions, but that’s just further proof of our need for His grace. But I guess the main point of that phrase is that Christians suck, and how could they be really following God’s way of life? I’m sure it was easier for this person to blame his own hate for Christians on God. He wouldn’t have gotten so much attention had he been honest and written “I hate Christians”. sorry for rambling, I should’ve just written my own blog about it!z

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