amazing because it is.


It is officially 2009, I can’t believe it! When I think back, I can’t even fathom that it was 2002 when I graduated high school, or that the whole Y2K fiasco was almost a decade ago. The whole concept that time can feel like it’s going faster or slower, is bizarre. It’s an absolute thing that never changes, yet the majority of us would agree that every year goes by faster than the last, or I should say ‘feels’ like it does. Don’t let me forget to talk about why I titled this blog what it is. Right now, I’m sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Tifton, Georgia. I am riding back to Illinois with my wife, Loran’s family and we are having some major car trouble, so we need to go to a mechanic first thing in the morning… Did I mention we still have about 1,000 miles to go, and then we have to drive Loran’s cousin Natalie’s car back 300 miles to Minneapolis. The plan was to get home Sunday night, but I don’t think that is going to happen. This is just another example of how we really don’t have the control that we think we have of our lives and this world, it forces us to recognize that there’s a bigger picture here. Without getting too deep on that, let me talk about the cruise that we took and what a beautiful thing the ocean is. Once you can get past the ‘beyond massive’ cruise ship we were on, that is magically floating in the middle of the atlantic, you experience something so astounding, and I really mean that. Several times, maybe even dozens, I was speechless as I looked over the side of the ship into an utterly perfect harmony of blues and greens. As I stare at a perfectly straight horizon line of water 360° around me, I realize that even on this gigantic lump of man-made steel, I am such a tiny spec in all my God has created. And than there’s the movement of the water, an energy that dances and plays with the water, yet without the water, it is not existent. And then there’s the wind, the clouds, the SUN! Just as I’m writing this, I am realizing that my favorite part of our vacation were these awe-inspiring moments. Throw in fellowship with family, constant eating, visiting Key West and Cozumel, Mexico and singing Dr. Dre and Snoop’s “Aint Nuttin’ but a G Thang” to Loran’s grandparents at the Karoakee bar and you have one great trip! The name of this blog was going to be “Everything is truth, and truth is God” because I read Velvet Elvis and I have soo much to talk about it, but I’m not going to have time in this post so I will save that discussion for tomorrow hopefully and I will give this post a new title. (Unfortunately, I wasn’t listening to any music while I wrote this.)


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