welcome, welcome, welllllcommmmmme!


Merry Christmas! Well, this is my first post on my first ever blog! My intentions for this blog are to express my thoughts in a healthy way, which is writing, which I have never really done much thus far in my life. I also want this blog to be a vehicle for communication to others and a place where great, and even in-depth conversations can live. I am currently listening to Anberlin’s new album “New Surrender” which has a soothing sound so far, I really enjoy the lead vocalist’s (insert name here) unique voice. I am going to write this post assuming the people reading this don’t know me or my friends, even though I’m sure Jake, Zach and Baker will be the only people ever reading this. With that being said, my beautiful wife Loran, one of my dearest friends Jake and I were enjoying ourselves at Maxwell’s, our favorite bar/restaurant in Minneapolis. Jake and I were enjoying a couple of chocolately gookers and all three of us were stuffing our faces with $2 wings and fat fries (no salt). This is already ridiculous, I can’t even type a whole sentence without incorporating inside jokes and things that me and my nerdy friends do/say. Alright, so we were sitting there on a nice cold MN December evening, Jake’s prego wife Lizzie wasn’t feeling the best so she didn’t come. A midst our discussion, Jake asked me if I think that Adam (the Biblical character found in Genesis in the story of Adam and Eve) had a belly button, in which I replied, “Who the hell cares! There are soo many more interesting things to ponder about God and the Bible.” Jake then replied, “Well go! Start talking about one of those things.” We then continued to discuss the navel of the first human being and that lead into talking about pain, sensations and living in the wilderness like cavemen. The night was so refreshing, I think it quenched a thirst of mine that I didn’t realize I had, but now that I got my fill, I realize that I have a constant thirst for quality time, rich discussion and a desire for the thoughts and beliefs of loved ones in my life. We also discussed how we as humans (me specifically) might compare our own success to the success of others, it’s so weird how I sometimes get caught up on age (I’m 25, the old man of our group of friends) and it’s so stupid, because my God has lead me through my life and I have experienced soo many things at the age of 25 then Lebron James ever has. He is 23 going on 24 and I’m pretty sure the discussion was initiated because we saw him on TV and we both thought it’s crazy how young he is. The more I think about it, the more that I realize that age really means nothing and that 25 is the new 23, so there. Well, we just arrived in West Palm Beach, FL. My sister (in law) Layne got me Rob Bell’s “Velvet Elvis” for Christmas, so it looks like I’m going to jump on that train and read it, so expect future posts to reference and be inspired by this book. We are in Florida because Loran’s grandparents are taking the family on a cruise, so I’m expecting to have some time to read, contemplate, and enjoy a break from my routine life and relax!


One Response to “welcome, welcome, welllllcommmmmme!”

  1. 1 Lizzie Ladd

    just so you know i read it to, and i love getting older. 24 is the new 25 and i love it. hope you are having a relaxing break thinking about your friends freezing their butts off here at home.

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